Top 7 Tools For Creating Great Content Ideas

When I had just started my journey onto the affiliate marketing scene, basically I was always in content creation mode.


My aim was to be continually creating content which is socially engaging, relatable and most importantly readable.


Now, my experience has taught me that an idea or multiple ideas can pave the way for awesome content creation.


So by knowing how much of a struggle it can be, I have created this post to share with you, some of the places where I get my best ideas for content creation. Read More …

How to Write Marketing Blogs Your Clients Will Actually Read

Are you finding it difficult to keep clients consuming content on your website?

This is a common issue that many marketers face in the initial stages of their journey. It is also an issue which forces many dreams of the 4 hour work week to the grave.

Reasons being, that beyond any content which you may have within your blog, regardless of quality or practicality, the first thing that determines how your content is received, is the formatting of each blog post.

Thinking you can still get away with having long paragraphs and complicated sentences is a big mistake still made by many marketers and bloggers alike.

Studies have found that 79% of users first scan a page before deciding to read. Read More …

Did You Know That an Online Marketing Education Can Ignite Your Freelance Writing Career?

If I had asked myself 5 or 6 months ago, “ Is freelance writing a logical option for me to incorporate into my business model within the next 5, 10 or 15 years?” I would have probably said no.

At the time, I had no idea that freelance writing would have been such a great fit. As I knew not of the opportunities and benefits of incorporating it into my business model.

I hadn’t realised that in essence, writing blog posts, articles & copy etc.. was going to be such a big part of my current business model (which is affiliate marketing).

I also had no idea that my content writing ability would be a skill, which other businesses and business persons alike, would be willing to pay for, in the way which they do. Read More …

My Wealthy Affiliate University Review

Name: Wealthy AffiliateWealthy affiliate review


Price:$0 Starter Membership (Free account)

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Overall Rank:98 out of 100

Recommended Audience: Newbie – Expert


Introduction to Wealthy Affiliate

Some things in life never get old but scams are one of those things we wish would just die and dry up, unfortunately, they don’t.

So I’m just here to tell you that I’ve not found the answer to the question, “why clouds are white” but I can introduce you to a system that will allow you enough spare time to entertain such thoughts. Read More …

How Social Media is Making The World a Better Place

How Social Media Is Changing Our WorldIf you were to time travel 10-15 years ago and take a message to your former self, explaining what social media is and how we can facetime each other from 1000 miles away, there is a good chance you may not have seen that as a possibility.

Imagine that, today we may feel as though the internet has been around for a long time but to be brutally honest with you, the internet is still very much in its infancy.

I believe there is still quite some ways to go before we reach the pinnacle but yet we have begun to see a massive shift in the marketplace. Yes, ask yourself this question, when was the last time you were excited to go out and buy the latest edition of Men’s Fitness or Vogue?

The internet has begun to rip traditional forms of media to shreds, forcing businesses of all kinds and sizes to invest heavily in their online platforms. Read More …

How I Got Started Freelance Writing: Overview & My Journey

It is no secret that I have long aspired to be an entrepreneur, creating my own income & being my own man. I’ve always been a very independent person and I’ve always thought the icing on the cake would be for me to be my own boss.

I’ve always felt as though I was different, especially in a place where so many persons seek handouts & are always asking even if they have never given.

But I’ve always thought different and have been seeking better for myself from before I could remember.

My journey into entrepreneurship began while I was working at a local pool company. The guy I was working for was nothing nice but his incompetence only served to fuel my idea. He had customers who he would dodge their calls and act very shady for no real apparent reason. Read More …

Why Would a Digital Marketer Become a Freelance Writer?

If you are a digital marketer similar to myself, then you must spend countless hours either creating content like me or sourcing content like my clients.

But I believe it is fair to say that as long as persons still use the term digital marketing, then content creation will always be relevant.

So one of the things I found out early in my career as a digital marketer is that persons who look to scale their businesses often have to outsource content as it is not always possible for those persons to create at such a high volume.

And one of the rules I’ve long heard of as somewhat of an entrepreneurial slogan describes an entrepreneur as someone who finds issues and fixes them. Now, this is not discovering that plants need the sun to make food but it is clear that there is a big need in the market for content creators. Read More …

Getting Your Website Ready: How To Optimise a Website for SEO

Now, anyone who has read any of my previous blog posts will know that this is going to be a more detailed post ofGetting your website ready: How to optimise a website for SEO what I have done based upon my training at Wealthy Affiliate instead of me trying to tell you what you should do.

So in saying How To Optimise a Website for SEO, I’m really giving you an account of exactly what I’ve learnt from the pros.

So in saying How To Optimise a Website for SEO, I’m really giving you an account of exactly what I’ve learnt from the pros.

Which is really the aim of this blog because I want you guys who are thinking about joining WA to know exactly what you are going to get upon joining our community.

So I do hope this blog post brings you much value and that you do see the potential in getting an education in online marketing in an age when the world is quickly converting to a digital platform.

At this point I have basically covered the initial steps of building an affiliate website including, how you are going to earn money as an affiliate, how to choose a niche, how to build a website, getting your website ready for content & now optimising your website for SEO. Read More …

WordPress: A Look Into Getting Your Website Ready For Content

WordPress: A look into getting your website ready for contentIn my last post, I went through how to build a free website for you to host your content. This was basically an article for those who are newer to online business and wish to get their feet wet without any real commitment.

Now, in this article, we take a look at the next step of creating our platform, which is getting our website ready for content.

I have skipped the part about plugins at this stage because if you do choose to go with my recommendation SiteRubix, they will have all the necessary plugins installed.

The only thing you may have to do is activate them, which would all be in the free training which also accompanies the recommendation. Also, if you choose to buy a domain from Bluehost which is also another provider I have been using, those come pre-installed & activated. Read More …

Creating an Awesome Free Website For Your Online Business

Now after my last post, How to Choose a niche for your Blog, we have now completed about half of the process How to create an awesome website for your online businessrequired to earn an income online.

This, of course, is based solely on the fact that there are really only 4 steps to earning income online as an affiliate marketer.

And has nothing to do with the amount of work required to actually earning money as the real work has now begun for us.

Next, we have to build a website. Now if you are now getting your feet wet in the area of online marketing you might want to begin by choosing to build a free website.

Your free website will more often than not be a sub-domain, which in simple terms might be for instance as opposed to Read More …

How to Choose a Niche for Your Blog

So now, after understanding the basics of how we are going to earn an income online as digital marketers, our nextHow To Choose a Niche For Your Blog step is to choose a niche.

Now I have already gone ahead and chosen the health niche due to my love for health & fitness as well as having previously worked in the alternative health industry for around 2 years.

So basically I’ve chosen an area that I’m familiar with and am passionate about.

Even though together they don’t guarantee success, I do still believe that they give me enough fuel to write loads of content, while being practical at the same time.

Passion is a great place to begin because it is much easier to spend hours creating, writing and speaking about what you love or are passionate about. Read More …

The 4 Step Process Of Earning Affiliate Income Online

In reality, earning an income online as an affiliate is a really straightforward process. And basically, this is what I’ve learned at Wealthy Affiliate. Unknown to me at the time was how much work was needed in between.

This is the platform which I have been studying on for the last 9 month and I honestly believe that my failure to earn money through affiliate marketing was down to my own personal issues.

That is up until now, I have really settled in and have begun living the lifestyle & developing the disciplined required to be successful online.

Though I haven’t seen much affiliate success, I have been able to use the education for other services I offer, some free to friends and other entrepreneurs and the one which I charge for, which is my freelance writing services. Read More …

What Is Passive/Residual Income?

Did you know that each and every one of us has the ability to create something called passive income?

By initiating a process that generates income from the comfort of our home or any location of our choice.

I know that may sound crazy to those who are not familiar, but when was the last time you visited a website looking for some type of product and saw what we call a CTA (call to action).

When you clicked the CTA link within the content, it took you straight to Amazon or Ebay? Read More …