Top 7 Tools For Creating Great Content Ideas

When I had just started my journey onto the affiliate marketing scene, basically I was always in content creation mode.


My aim was to be continually creating content which is socially engaging, relatable and most importantly readable.


Now, my experience has taught me that an idea or multiple ideas can pave the way for awesome content creation.


So by knowing how much of a struggle it can be, I have created this post to share with you, some of the places where I get my best ideas for content creation. Read More …

How to Write Marketing Blogs Your Clients Will Actually Read

Are you finding it difficult to keep clients consuming content on your website?

This is a common issue that many marketers face in the initial stages of their journey. It is also an issue which forces many dreams of the 4 hour work week to the grave.

Reasons being, that beyond any content which you may have within your blog, regardless of quality or practicality, the first thing that determines how your content is received, is the formatting of each blog post.

Thinking you can still get away with having long paragraphs and complicated sentences is a big mistake still made by many marketers and bloggers alike.

Studies have found that 79% of users first scan a page before deciding to read. Read More …