Did You Know That an Online Marketing Education Can Ignite Your Freelance Writing Career?

If I had asked myself 5 or 6 months ago, “ Is freelance writing a logical option for me to incorporate into my business model within the next 5, 10 or 15 years?” I would have probably said no.

At the time, I had no idea that freelance writing would have been such a great fit. As I knew not of the opportunities and benefits of incorporating it into my business model.

I hadn’t realised that in essence, writing blog posts, articles & copy etc.. was going to be such a big part of my current business model (which is affiliate marketing).

I also had no idea that my content writing ability would be a skill, which other businesses and business persons alike, would be willing to pay for, in the way which they do. Read More …

How I Got Started Freelance Writing: Overview & My Journey

It is no secret that I have long aspired to be an entrepreneur, creating my own income & being my own man. I’ve always been a very independent person and I’ve always thought the icing on the cake would be for me to be my own boss.

I’ve always felt as though I was different, especially in a place where so many persons seek handouts & are always asking even if they have never given.

But I’ve always thought different and have been seeking better for myself from before I could remember.

My journey into entrepreneurship began while I was working at a local pool company. The guy I was working for was nothing nice but his incompetence only served to fuel my idea. He had customers who he would dodge their calls and act very shady for no real apparent reason. Read More …